A hotel with an "&" that enriches the "stay and story".

What is truly required in order to spend a luxurious, relaxing time in a hotel within the cities?
Through numerous attempts of finding the answer, the "hotel androoms" was born.
The answer we reached was to add an "&" that will make our guests happy, an "&" that matches each city.
By thinking the true image of a hotel not in a resort place, not in a rural area, but in a city area, we proposed a new form of hotel not entrapped by common sense.


hotel androoms offers a different "&" per hotel.
At hotel androoms Kyoto Shichijo, we provide a range of Japanese-style “&”s that suit Kyoto.



Making specialty coffee and memorable moments a daily thing.

The coffee beans can be traced back to the farmers and growers who produced them.
They are stored in ideal conditions to protect them from any damage before they are roasted.
The rich flavor of the beans stays in the cup even after they have been brewed.
Unir’s specialty coffee is made by meeting several strict requirements.
A single cup of our coffee makes a moment of your time worthwhile.
Unir offers this sort of unique experience.



Those moments of relaxation in Doketsu-no-Yu,
our main public bath, finished in a soothing modern stone.

The walls, floor, and ceiling of this unique bath form a single shape,
akin to being inside a cavern, or “doketsu” in Japanese. 
From the inner bath, you can look out over the exterior garden, created using natural rocks piled up uncut (“anozumi” in Japanese). Soothe your body and soul in this relaxing space.


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Enjoy breakfast in your room on particularly hectic mornings.

Available for guests who wish to start the day at their own pace.
We offer a breakfast delivery service that brings you breakfast from the cafe at the time of your choosing.

hotel androoms Kyoto Shichijo

730 Ebisuno-cho,
Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 600-8310
TEL: 075-353-5700